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The war changed the format of the work of our organization, but couldn't change our goals and purpose.
Every day brings us closer to victory. Glory to Ukraine!

The Center for Curative Pedagogics Sonyachne Podvirya was created in 2003. The Center is a space with the following important rules and targets:

  • There are no barriers between a person with a disability and his participation in society
  • A person with a disability has the opportunity to live a normal full life at all age stages, they can develop their abilities and maintain their independent life.

We have already accomplished a lot, and much is yet to achieve.

Most people with disabilities deeply want to participate in everyday life, if it were just possible.
Disability is a term that combines persistent health problems with the difficulties that a person experiences in communicating or performing any social action.
It means that disability is not a feature of a particular person, but the result of his interaction with various obstacles that prevent his full participation in society on an equal basis with others.
Therefore, society should take care to create such conditions so that a person with a disability has equal opportunities to participate in social activities.