Report on the activities of the organization in 2021

Aleksandra Panchenko, head of Public Organization “Center for Curative Education "Sonyachne Podvirya" (born in 1974, higher and postgraduate education: diploma in practical psychologist, teacher of pedagogy and psychology, curative pedagogue).

Information about public, charitable and other events held with the participation of the public organization "Center for Medical Pedagogy
"Sunny Yard" in the areas of its statutory activities in 2021

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The priority of our Center is the planning and organization of activities aimed at encouraging children and youth with disabilities (including those with complex and intellectual disabilities) to participate in public life.

Our projects "Daycare groups and socio-psychological rehabilitation (program for school-age children with complex developmental disabilities) and Workshops". Daily activities of people with severe multiple developmental disabilities ", received financial support from the budget of the city of Kyiv within the framework of the city target program  "Social Partnership".

Name and content of the Event


1. There are daily classes and workshops for children and young people with multiple and intellectual disabilities throughout the year from January to December
2. Joyful meeting with children after the New Year holidays. Notifications to parents and guardians about the organization's plans for the current year. January 11
3. Participation in an online meeting of leaders of public associations on the proposal for a new program "Social Partnership" for 2022 - 2024 and the procedure for selection of public associations.

January 21

4. Participation in the action, initiated by the All-Ukrainian public organization "Coalition for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities due to Intellectual dysfunctions". The purpose of the action is to declare the need for social services for people with disabilities due to complex / intellectual dysfunctions and to encourage the authorities to offer budget funds for these services.

February 22 - March 1

5. Shrovetide, which is traditionally attended by our entire community, this year, was not so large due to quarantine restrictions. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful holiday for which we were preparing: we were baking pancakes, making dumplings, playing games. There was a small concert where all the children had the opportunity to play an ancient melodic percussion instrument - the beat.

March 12

6. This year, when strict quarantine restrictions made it impossible to visit the Center, the team made every effort not to lose touch with children and perform tasks as individual meetings, walks, online meetings, and much more. April 5 - May 5
7. Summer camp for children and youth with disabilities. June 1 - 30
8. Organized walk to the park monument of landscape art - Feofania. June 10
9. Enriching the social experience of children and youth: a walk in the park and visiting attractions (Holosiivsky Park named after M. Rylsky). June 24
10. Open days at the Center for Curative Education "Sonyachne Podvirya", which invited everyone to see how our Center works, including projects "Summer Camp" and "Workshops", as well as "School-type group". For visitors - children and young people with disabilities, there was an opportunity to join any active group and try to participate.

June 14-17
June 22-24

11. A trip to Cherkasy region was organized for the youth of our Center. The program of the trip includes a visit to the famous park located on the terrace of the Dnieper - "Pine Forest", an excursion to the renovated Cherkasy Zoo, rest and swimming in the river, a therapeutic program with large dogs.

June 29 - July 1

12. A day in the company of large, bred dogs of the Turkmen Alabai breed. In therapy with dogs (canine therapy) to work with children and adolescents. It is recommended to choose dogs of large breeds, because their noticeable size, as a rule, is more in line with the objectives of rehabilitation. A whole day among calm, friendly, patient, balanced and huge dogs is a useful gift for our young people with disabilities. And, the key item here is "all day" with dogs.

June 30

13. Repair works in the premises of the Center, the main of which are the restoration and painting of the walls. July 2-9
14. Some employees of our organization received useful training for public organizations "Prevention and overcoming of emotional burnout". September 1-2
15. Big social and cognitive project of the year: a trip for children and young people with disabilities - a week of rest in the picturesque autumn Carpathians. Ten children and adults with disabilities together with their companions visited the hospitable city of Yaremche, admired the monuments of nature - waterfalls "Maiden's Tears" and "Breakthrough", walked the eco-trail to the "Dovbush rocks", visited the aviary and the Carpathian Museum in miniature ", daily rested in a beautiful forest with sunny meadows. We prepared for this project in advance: we talked to the children about the mountains, trained to walk in an organized way (especially on forest trails), learned to feel the team and wait for each other. September 23 -October 1
16. Participation of our organization in the Action for the World Mental Health Day. "Mental health in a world of the unequal" was the theme of the day in 2021. October 8 - 10
17. Some employees of our organization have improved their skills under the Training Program for the provision of social services to support children during inclusive education. October 28 - 29
18. Every year, at the beginning of Advent, our Center celebrates the Christmas Spiral - a magical warm evening of silence and reverence, when everyone lights his candle in the center of the maze. December 2