Traveling, excursions

We are always happy to travel with the whole Center!
This is a special part of our life, when we put aside the routine and bravely surrender ourselves to new impressions and feelings.
It’s our best opportunity to consolidate all the achievements of socialization and communication received within the walls of the Center  in the most lively environment.
Such a contrasting change of scenery always requires composure and concentration, and the reward will be relaxation and new discoveries.
Our walks and excursions have, first of all, an educational purpose, if we speak about “going out into the world” - visiting museums, concerts, monuments.
At the same time, the purpose of our walks in nature is to take a break from the pace, noise and stress that are so true to a city life.
But our multi-day trips to other cities, to the mountains, to the sea, to the countryside, etc. are a combination of the familiar elements of daily activity at the Center (rhythm, daily routine, some common affairs and personal responsibilities) and a new, unusual environment. It also includes independence, in particular, due to the absence of parents.
For young people with disabilities traveling with friends is a big step in overcoming barriers to socialization.
The experience gained during the trips - planning, packing, road, new places, hikes, interesting impressions - effectively helps to increase the motivation to communicate and learn new things.
Such real trips are an invaluable experience!