Report on the activities of the organization in 2022

Information about public, charitable and other events held in 2022 with the participation of the Public Organization Center
for Curative Education & Social Therapy "Sonyachne Podvirya”

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In 2022 our projects "Class of day observation and socio-psychological benefit” (program for school children)" and "Workshops. Daytime busyness of young people with multiple disabilities” (group 18+) have been competitively selected for financial support from the budget of the city of Kyiv as part of a program "Social partnership".

Name and subject of the events Date
1. Throughout the year, there are daily classes and workshops for children and young people with multiple and intellectual disabilities. January - December
2. Back to work after the New Year holidays. Groups and classes formation. Announcement of the organization's plans for the current year. 10 January
3. Beginning of weekly classes for children and young people, organized jointly with the Territorial Center for Social Services, Goloseevsky District.
At these meetings, we introduce students and parents to the methods of curative pedagogy and social therapy.
19 January
4. At the initiative of the NGO "Coalition for the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities as a result of intellectual disabilities" our organization has joined the appeal "Call to action regarding the right of Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities to be included in the community" to the national authorities and international institutions - the Council of Europe and the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 31 January
5. February in our Center turned out to be a series of birthday celebrations for students and teachers! February
6. A creative meeting with the musician Alexander Gaidai. 17 February
  The war began early on Thursday morning. 24 February
  The war made it impossible to visit the Center, but we keep connected and make every effort to continue our work.