Help Alexey

Our Alexey

We met 20-year-old Alexey in 2018.
Back then he was so closed, with his head bowed …
For weeks he didn't raise his eyes, we could only dream to see his smile.
We had a lot of questions then and really a few answers.
What was this tense, silent young person really interested in? What did he like? What could he do?
Some of us have waited for two years to look straight in his eyes or to notice his light, gentle smile.
Now we are sure Aleksey is happy to come to the Center!
We know that he enjoys observing machines and mechanisms.
He has a soft spot for animals.
May help to grate vegetables for borsch.
Alexey loves dancing, traveling and much more!
He needs time to get involved in any activity. And we don’t hurry him up.
Your voluntary donation of any amount will help Alexey to attend "Sonyachne Podvirya" in 2022.

The reasons we look for the financial support for Alexey.
Alexey was born in 1998.
Since his birth all the strength and love of his parents have been needed for the Lyosha to live, grow and develop.
At the age of three, he was recognized as a disabled person with diagnoses of cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, mental retardation, speech delay and early childhood autism.
The family fought for every win. Massages, swimming, physical education, classes with a speech therapist helped the boy. At the age of 8.5 he was admitted to a boarding school for kids with disorders of the central nervous system and intellect.
At this time, his father fell seriously ill. When Lyosha was 13 years old, his father underwent an amputation of his leg.
So Mom had to take care of both her son and her husband.
In 2017, Lesha finished school. Soon his Dad lost the second leg. A few months after the operation he died.
Alexei and Mom were left alone. Mom didn’t have an opportunity to work, because she had to be with her son constantly. Alyosha's condition worsened. He began to degrade and to lose earned skills gradually.
They stayed at home for almost two years, and then they found the Center for Curative Pedagogy “Sonyachne Podvirya”. Life slowly began to improve.
Nowadays Alexey spends a lot of time at the Center using every possibility.
The family's financial situation is very difficult.
Since the birth of Alexey Mom has had no chance to earn a full-fledged income. That’s why she receives a very low allowance from the state.