Help Vladislav

Our Vlad

Now Vlad is already 23 years old.
In 2017, he joined the team of the other adult members of our Center.
It’s not always easy to be “new” in a team, and it was not easy especially for Vlad.
At first he was embarrassed and adhered to certain rules, although it could seem that those were unfounded whims.
Sometimes, in order to protect his habit or rule, he had to resort to completely childish techniques - to lie on the floor and shout in protest ... Now we remember that with a smile.

Right now Vlad knows how to motivate, how to find words to be heard.
He often leads other pupils. He can gently but persistently explain to them what exactly is needed to be done, and observes the result with interest.
Vlad is very inquisitive, proactive, and therefore he sometimes breaks the rules.
He is interested in technology and electronics so enthusiastically that he can damage devices.
Vlad appreciates authority and friendship.
He loves music. He loves communication. He loves listening to people.
Vlad plays musical instruments but he cannot stand public speaking.

Your voluntary contribution of any amount will help Vladislav visit Solnechnoye Podvorie and be close to friends.

The reasons we look for the financial support for Vlad.

Immediately after birth, Vlad was taken to the intensive care unit.
The doctors predicted  the boy to have only one day to survive.
The belief that everything would be good gave Vlad's mother the strength to withstand difficult trials. Her son fought for his life - and survived.
Respiratory disorders, hypoxic-ischemic damage to the central nervous system, depression syndrome, expansion of the ventricles of the brain and other serious conditions kept the baby in intensive care for a long time.
When Mom and little Vlad returned home, they were faced with another problem - the gradual destruction of the family, and soon - a divorce.
Mom and son were left alone.
Since birth diagnosis after diagnosis have turned their lives into a series of hardships.
It has always been very difficult financially.
Vladislav turned 23 in 2021.
Cerebral palsy, hemiparesis, symptomatic epilepsy - these are conditions to which he has long been accustomed to living.
But his real life is communication, joy, friendship, work and our team.