Traveling to the seaside

Because of the war our trip to the sea may not take place.
But now we dream of it more than ever!
All your donations and birthday gifts will be used as intended as soon as possible.
We are sure our best trips are still ahead!

Traveling to the seaside in June 2022

They say dreams come true ... So we dream!
We dream about how we’ll all find ourselves near the sea, how we’ll walk along the coast, breathe the sea air, listen to the lapping of the waves and feel the sand under our feet ...
Once we all went to the Crimea together.
Unfortunately, over the past ten years, we have not had the opportunity to visit the seaside. Some of the pupils have never seen a sea.

Traveling together is important without doubt. So a seaside vacation is a valuable and very useful gift for our pupils.
We know that there is a wonderful place in the Odessa region, where there is everything we need - sea and soft sand, open space for walking and challenging nature.
In order to have useful rest it is necessary to get acclimatized and comfortable in an unusual environment, to get into a rhythm - it takes time.
Therefore, it would be ideal to breathe the sea air for at least ten, preferably fourteen days.
We plan to travel in a large group: up to twelve people with disabilities, six, better even seven accompanying people and three or four volunteers.
We need comfortable living conditions: good food and a bathroom is required in every hostel room.

Estimated cost for a two-week trip for one person:

Spends: Price: Quantity Totals
Accomodation 250 UAH
8,3 EUR
9,1 US$
14 days 3500 UAH
116 EUR
127 US$
Meals 200 UAH
6.5 EUR
7.3 US$
14 days 2800 EUR
90 EUR
102 US$
Transfer 400 UAH
13 EUR
14.6 US$
Both ways 800 UAH
26 EUR
29 US$
Total: 7100 UAH
232 EUR
258 US$

We need about 140 thousand UAH, the equivalent of about 5,000 EUR or US$, for a group of twenty people to travel for 2 weeks.
We understand that the amount is not little.
Therefore, we will look for funds, ask for discounts and believe that together we will succeed!