About us

Our tasks are as follows:

  • To let people with disabilities, in particular as a result of complex and intellectual impairments, the possibility to realize themselves in society, and not stay within the four walls;
  • To have a place where people with disabilities can communicate, study, make friends, work, engage in everyday life, create, feel significant and independent;
  • To have a team of professionals and volunteers who understand the needs of people with disabilities, can help, support and teach guided by respect for human dignity.

Our small but strong community of parents, children, professionals and volunteers was formed in 2003. In the same year, we organized the Public Association Center for Curative Education & Social Therapy "Sonyachne Podvirya”.
“Sonyachne Podvirya” means “Sunny Yard” in the Ukrainian language. So the meaning of our Center’s name is a safe and warm place.

Since 2006 the organization Center for Curative Education & Social Therapy "Sonyachne Podvirya" has been a full member of the All-Ukrainian public organization Coalition for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a Result of Intellectual Disabilities and a member of the High School of Anthroposophical Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy, Dornach, Switzerland (Аnthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development).

Our community remains small. We do not aim to increase it, because above all we have to remain a family circle for people with disabilities. Many years of our experience have shown that a small and friendly team, which you can visit regularly, contributes a safe and comfortable feeling to a person with a disability. However, we are not closed from the outside world. We travel, we invite guests and we have a large circle of friends.

People with disabilities can realize themselves in society only when they are supported by caring and qualified people. That’s why we appreciate everyone who has chosen the path to help people with disabilities.

Alexandra Panchenko.
Head of the organization
Sergiy Kolodyazhniy.
Senior group leader
Svetlana Protasova.
Music therapist
Elena Skripchenko.
Pavel Khalaim.
Craft teacher
Oxana Sapiga.
Handicraft teacher
Galina Yakimovich.
Top manager
Yurii Taran.
Volunteer, photographer

Our activities

In the Center "Sonyachne Podvirya" we work to ensure every person with disability to feel a creative and friendly atmosphere.
The aim of our team's work is to create decent conditions, comfortable psychological environment, a healthy life rhythm, an interesting educational and working busyness for children and youth with disabilities, where everyone can find the right place, can feel personal importance and fulfill individual needs in public life.

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