We sincerely thank everyone who supports us!
Your heartfelt help, your donations, your prayers and kind words help us to be strong and steadfast during the war!


We, the Public Organization “Center for Curative Education & Social Therapy "Sonyachne Podvirya”, exist thanks to volunteer work and voluntary donations. We also, whenever possible, participate in programs financed by the state budget.
The main driving forces of "Sonyachne Podvirya” are children and teenagers with disabilities, who motivate the organization to work, and, of course, an active community of parents, employees and caring friends.

We don’t consider our activities as providing services.
Though without a doubt, we organize daytime work, care, support, skills training, psychological support, consulting, which are social services.
We see our work as creating a vibrant community where everyone is important, everyone is different and all are equal.
Therefore, any support for a concrete person or for a common project is at the same time support for the entire community.